Guide to Mechanical Keyboards and Switches

Awesome guide I found on mechanical keyboards by Lifehacker and wanted to show you guys, it’s pretty dope if you know the difference, and if you play games, type a lot you should def know the difference between keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards, or keyboards with full, individual switches under every key, have exploded in popularity recently, although the technology inside is as old as the keyboard itself. There’s really no substitute for that solid, clicking sensation under your fingers as you type, and the satisfying sound each key makes when you press it. However, choosing the best mechanical keyboard can be tricky, since there are dozens of models, different switch types, and more popping up every day. Here’s how to tell them all apart and pick the right one for you.

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9 Epic computer tricks that are awesome

1. Don’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Use control+shift+escape instead! It goes directly to the task manager!


2. Tired of that boring GIF?

Are you feeling really sick of watching that boring GIF go again and again? Worry not! Press Escape to halt animated GIFs that are distracting. Yeah, Graphic designers hate me!

3. A site that has right-click disabled? and you can’t steal stuff?

You have a major project to submit tomorrow and you finally found the site you dreamed of! But It has it’s right-click disabled and you can’t copy stuff from there? Don’t you worry child!


Putting the following into a favorite/shortcut on the toolbar re-enables browser right click.

4. A simple way to clear your cache?

CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache and refresh the page. Child’s play! Isn’t it?

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I want to browse anonymously and leave no trace online..

Want to browse a computer/network/internet without leaving a trace? Well get like James Bond and become elite, check out this post by


In this post, we’ll walk through how to use a USB stick or DVD to anonymize, encrypt, and hide everything you do on a computer no matter where you are. When we say “browse without leaving a trace”, we truly mean it. Using the Linux-based, live-boot operating system Tails (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System), you can use any computer anywhere without anyone knowing you were ever on it. Tails is a portable operating system with all the security bells and whistles you’ll ever need already installed on it. You can install Tails on one of your many dust-gathering USB drives or a DVD. We’ll show you how to set up your own portable boot disc in the second section, but let’s start by taking a look at what you get with Tails. Hit Read More

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Ghostbuster’s Lego & new Watch

2014-02-10 16.16.49 (Large)
Build this legit Ghost busters Lego Set which is awesome and I got a new watch which is also epic. This watch is pretty cool and has the time zones for different areas. This lego set was the cusoo like the custom ones that are submitted online then built by lego!



Who you gon call?

SDCC 2014 Exclusive Vinyl Sleestak 6″ Land of the Lost

Going to start posting all my exclusie toys, legos as usual, vinyls that I’ve been getting into recently so I can document each one I have online and to compare prices. I’ve been getting into the more custom painted ones and not the grab bag type vinyls, I love Bwana Spoons and Vinylmations at the moment. I got this dude at downtown Orlando at a store called P!Q which I love they all have kind of cool quirky custom shit, check them out online at:


2014 Comic Con Sleek Stak Elite! He’s Awesome

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