Windows 10 Released Today

Microsoft has released their latest version of the Windows operating system. And a look around the Web has revealed a consensus: Windows 10 rocks. The most secure Windows operating system yet. I’ve already messed around with it on a virtual machine but I will be waiting awhile before I actually upgrade my machine from Windows 7, if I decide to upgrade. Who’s already on board?


Skyforge (MMORPG)

Started playing this game tonight after watching it in Twitch. So far its pretty cool and its free to play unless you wanna subscribe to premium and add tokens, gems, etc. The graphics are decent and gameplay is similar to a console style aim and the pve is pretty legit. Ill keep posting updates on it once I level up a bit. There are a lot of cut scenes but good thing you can hit that space bar.  screenshots:


"Maps/Capital/Library-MapResource.xdb" 10855.7 21147.2 592.187 0 0 -0.512913 0.858441 10852.2 21153.8 596.469 0.0769831 0.127796 -0.510224 0.847002 1 2.05724 -0.212236 0.629501

Disney World Magic Band Chips (nRF24LE1)

Going to Disney World again soon and wanted to get more information on the (magic bands) which contain RFID chips and link to your account. I wanted to see if anyone has a technical breakdown of these magic bands. Always wondering if they stored credit card info, and wanted to do some research. I will be updating this post with more about the magic bands themselves and some cool ones which I plan on buying to use! (Note: I would never try any methods in the park)



The nRF24LE1 is a highly integrated ultra low power 2.4GHz RF System-on-Chip (SoC) for 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band operation. It includes a 2.4GHz RF transceiver core, an 8-bit CPU, and embedded Flash memory. By offering a peak RX/TX current lower than 14mA, a sub-μA power down mode, advanced power management, and 1.9 to 3.6V supply range, the nRF24LE1 provides a true ultra low power solution that enables months to years of battery lifetime when running from regular coin cells or AA/AAA batteries. Finally, a rich set of on-chip analog and digital peripherals makes the nRF24LE1 a flexible, single chip solution for a wide range of applications including PC peripherals, game controllers, remote controls, sports/fitness/healthcare sensors, and toys. (these are useful for Disney parks to allow customers to use them year after year)

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Wayward Pines (Sci-Fi)

n2vfit4pooxhbctkqdqiA new TV show that is almost as good as LOST is Wayward Pines. Every episode makes you go wow and keeps your brain spinning. If you haven’t seen it, seriously this is a show that is epic and awesome and futuristic Hunger Gameish. Go to Amazon and watch it now! It’s currently on episode 7 and they come out every week. The year is also 4020 and normal humans no longer exist. Reminds me of The Truman Show.


Synology DS214play Server

So my hard drive had over 100GB of movie backups, and tv backups and I was slowly going.. I need a backup drive. After months of researching, testing, reading, and watching countless YouTube videos I discovered the Synology Ds214play. I use to have to leave my computer on and had an HDMI ran to my television and a wireless keyboard, now I can use my Roku 3 to connect to DSVIdeo and watch all my tv shows and movies with no problem. This version is for a lot of different video formats and does video trans-coding on the fly. If you don’t have a Roku player you can use a XMBC box, Raspberry PI, or simple DLNA then broadcast to television (smart tv) way. I learned this is def the way to go.. the only downside is there is no default encryption and you have to download third-party crap and it makes everything lag out. Hopefully a new version will support this and be just as fast.


You can buy it on amazon here for $359.99 and over a hundred 4-1/2 star reviews.

Favorite Network Tools

My favorite LIVE CD which utilizes most of the tools needed to perform network pennetration testing.

Favorite Android IP/network scanner. Quickly maps out a networks assigned IP addresses including MAC Addresses. If you have Android, I have used this tool countless times to discover local IP’s, phillips hue, network camera, etc.

If you want to know if you’ve been hacked, or currently have a remote host connected this is the tool to leave up on a seperate monitor. Will be sure to tell you active/passive connections and highlights then green red when connecting etc.

Want to watch your local traffic passing through the nodes? Wireshark will do it for ya! This tool is POWERFUL and very hard learning curve. If you want to watch your traffic down to the 1’s and 0’s this will do it. Check it out and read the guide!

Router Hardware 101

This is a great guide by on Router Hardware, check it out here and for more of the guide hit their site up.

Know Your Network, Lesson 1: Router Hardware 101

 Router Basics

Your router is the glue that holds your home network together. It connects all your computers to one another, either through Ethernet cables or a wireless connection. A router is different than a modem: your modem connects you to the internet, while your router connects your computers to one another. When you hook up your router to the modem, however, you’re then able to share that internet connection with all of the computers on your network. Sometimes modems will come with routers built-in, but this isn’t always the case.

Devices that connect to your router—that is, the computers, tablets, smartphones, DVRs, game systems, and so on—are called clients. Each client on the network is given an IP address, which helps your router direct traffic. Clients within the network get a local IP address, while your modem gets a global IP address. Global IP addresses are like street addresses, while local IP addresses are like apartment numbers: one lets you find the building in relation to the rest of the world, while the other lets you find the specific location within the complex. These addresses make sure the right information from the outside world gets to the right computer on your network.

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Galaxy Gear VR

Recently bought this to try out and take back but ended up keeping it. This is the future of technology no doubt. If you get the chance grab one of these. The possibilities are endless. Only cons of the first version are phone gets real hot and lenses get fogged. Other than that this thing is dope.

imageCost is around $199.99 but you can find em for around 150 used on eBay. You can also purchase defogger for the lenses and it will fix it for awhile.

Imagine the Magic School bus shrinking down and going through the blood vessels and your actually on board the bus. This will be the future of technology and education no doubt in my mind. INVEST.

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