How to PING a site, and test if it’s alive or responds.

To test a TCP/IP configuration by using the ping command

1. To quickly obtain the TCP/IP configuration of a computer, open Command Prompt, and then type ipconfig. From the display of the ipconfig command, ensure that the network adapter for the TCP/IP configuration you are testing is not in a Media disconnected state.

2. At the command prompt, ping the loopback address by typing ping

3. Ping the IP address of the computer.

4. Ping the IP address of the default gateway.

If the ping command fails, verify that the default gateway IP address is correct and that the gateway (router) is operational.

5. Ping the IP address of a remote host (a host that is on a different subnet).

If the ping command fails, verify that the remote host IP address is correct, that the remote host is operational, and that all of the gateways (routers) between this computer and the remote host are operational.

This is very useful to know when troubleshooting networks, one of the most basic procedures.


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