Synology DS214play Server

So my hard drive had over 100GB of movie backups, and tv backups and I was slowly going.. I need a backup drive. After months of researching, testing, reading, and watching countless YouTube videos I discovered the Synology Ds214play. I use to have to leave my computer on and had an HDMI ran to my television and a wireless keyboard, now I can use my Roku 3 to connect to DSVIdeo and watch all my tv shows and movies with no problem. This version is for a lot of different video formats and does video trans-coding on the fly. If you don’t have a Roku player you can use a XMBC box, Raspberry PI, or simple DLNA then broadcast to television (smart tv) way. I learned this is def the way to go.. the only downside is there is no default encryption and you have to download third-party crap and it makes everything lag out. Hopefully a new version will support this and be just as fast.


You can buy it on amazon here for $359.99 and over a hundred 4-1/2 star reviews.

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