Citizenfour (Movie)

So I watched this movie after putting it off for awhile since I usually hate docu movies on bullshit like this since most of it is faked or off putting, however this movie was okay. I don’t support the bullshit Snowden pulled since he acted like he was doing the world a mother Theresa favor. I mean the government created the internet and If I was in charge I’d spy on everything too. If your family member got killed in an attack you might think differently as well if it could have prevented it, oh your chat logs might be seen OOOOH NOOOO your so important to give a shit. However this movie sucked on the side of technical show, it didn’t explain any of the methods used, and just showed some nerd in his hotel releasing information over a weeks period. What a let down, still none the less some revealing facts about certain things cool, but sorry Snowden, that was not a cool move. I also think he was a double agent for Russia anyhow.


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