Started off playing PC games at a friends house and then one Christmas I received this beauty.
Compaq Presario 500mhz…. my first beast.


I’m a man who likes ones and zeros and all thereafter. If you like ones and zeros you might bookmark this page and keep up with it. Much more to be added and could use an editor to post news articles, gaming, etc.


Well I only surf the web and use VPN’s by nature since I’m a information systems security type person. So who knows where? London today, Netherlands tomorrow, Florida next week. This is the internet, and you should have a explicit deny all attitude always.


I’ve had this site for over 10 years and had a pretty good run in the beginning with gaming forums, guild, and everything when Ultima Online days and the origins of MMORPG’s were brand new and Diablo 1 came out it was a hit. Then the saturation of MMORPG’s the free ones, the paid ones there are way to many now to keep up with and each one is it’s own ghost town.

So I’m starting this site back up as an ADD site with everything that makes me tick, the internet tick, and keeps you fresh and keeps the cool factor of computer science alive. A featured movie… usagaming the movie, but a website okay cool. If you want a free job to help on this site send me a message let’s get it moving.

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