Skyforge (MMORPG)

Started playing this game tonight after watching it in Twitch. So far its pretty cool and its free to play unless you wanna subscribe to premium and add tokens, gems, etc. The graphics are decent and gameplay is similar to a console style aim and the pve is pretty legit. Ill keep posting updates on it once I level up a bit. There are a lot of cut scenes but good thing you can hit that space bar.  screenshots:


"Maps/Capital/Library-MapResource.xdb" 10855.7 21147.2 592.187 0 0 -0.512913 0.858441 10852.2 21153.8 596.469 0.0769831 0.127796 -0.510224 0.847002 1 2.05724 -0.212236 0.629501

Guild Wars 2 Fun

Gw2 Staff Zergin’ with Sor hell ya.

Guild Wars 2 Pwnage

Guild Wars 2 Screens

Guild Wars 2 [Merc]